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The Town of Sheboygan Falls Fire Department is always looking for individuals to be First Responders, make a difference in your community and become a First Responder with the Town of Sheboygan Falls, if you are interested please contact us at 467-4876 or e-mail us


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Photo by Jeff Kernen

Town of Sheboygan Falls Fire  Chief

Bob Kroeplien

Being a part of the Town of Sheboygan Falls Fire Department, Rescue Team & First Responders is truly a rewarding experience.  It is an opportunity for you to serve your community and to further your education & career in the fire service.  We work as a team & continually improve our skills to be the best Fire Department, Rescue & First Responders in the area.  We have grown to be a family of caring individuals, eager to serve not only our community but the surrounding communities with professionalism & integrity & respect.  We also take pride in the work we do & make every attempt to be the professionals that we are!!!!!!!

Thank You,

Your Chief

This Site  is updated monthly, if you have any questions or comments about our department please feel free to e-mail us.